Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

Cast/Participants (the protagonists)

(In Alphabetical Order)

Aboubakar Sanogo

(Associate Professor, Carleton University / FEPACI / African Film Heritage Project)

Adrian Wood

(Archival Film Consultant)

Ahmad Kiarostami

(Kiarostami Foundation)

Amy A. Heller

(Co-Founder, Milestone Films)

Andrea Kalas

(Former President of AMIA)

Ann Adachi-Tasch

(Director, Collaborative Cataloging Japan)

Anne Hubbell

(VP Motion Picture, Eastman Kodak Company)

Anthony L’Abbate

(Preservation Manager, Moving Image Department, George Eastman Museum)

Awad Eldaw

(Former Film Archivist, National Film Archive, Sudan)

Bede Cheng

(Managing Director, L’Immagine Ritrovata Asia)

Benjamin Chowkwan Ado

(Former Film Archivist, National Film Archive, Sudan)

Benjamin Tucker

(Chief Projectionist, American Cinematheque)

Ben Mankiewicz

(Host, TCM - Turner Classic Movies)

Bill Morrison

(Director / “Dawson City: Frozen Time” / “Decasia”)

Bob Mastronardi

(Sr. Manager, Kodak Motion Picture Services, Eastman Kodak Company)

Bono Olgado

(Inaugural Director, National Film Archives of the Philippines)

Brian Meacham

(Managing Archivist, Yale Film Archive)

Bryony Dixon

(Curator of Silent Film, BFI National Archive)

Caroline Yeager

(Assistant Curator, Moving Image Department, George Eastman Museum)

Cecilia Cenciarelli

(Head of Research, Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna / Co-Director, Il Cinema Ritrovato)

Céline Ruivo

(Former Curator of the Film Collection, La Cinémathèque française)

Chalida Uabumrungjit

(Director, Thai Film Archive)

Chema Prado

(Former Director, Filmoteca Española: 1989-2016)


(Film Director / President, La Cinémathèque française)

Daniel Pérez

(Film Archivist, Filmoteca Española: 1976-2018)

Dan Streible

(NYU Orphan Film Symposium)

David Francis

(Former Curator, BFI: 1974-1990 / Former Chief of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress: 1991-2001 / Kent Museum of the Moving Image)

Deborah Stoiber

(Collection Manager, Moving Image Department, George Eastman Museum)

Dennis Doros

(Co-Founder, Milestone Films)

Dino Everett

(Film Archivist, USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive)

Ed Stratmann

(Curator Emeritus, George Eastman Museum)

Emily Leproust

(CEO and Co-Founder, Twist Bioscience)

Emmanuel Lefrant

(Filmmaker / Director, Light Cone)

Ernst van Velzen

(Information Manager, Eye Filmmuseum)

Esteve Riambau

(Director, Filmoteca de Catalunya)

Fernando Trueba

(Film Director)

Frédéric Bonnaud

(General Director, La Cinémathèque française)

Frédéric Maire

(Director, Cinémathèque suisse / President, FIAF)

Geo. Willeman

(Nitrate Film Vault Leader, Library of Congress)

Giovanna Fossati

(Chief Curator, Eye Filmmuseum)

Grover Crisp

(Executive Vice President, Asset Management, Film Restoration & Digital Mastering, Sony Pictures)

Hisashi Okajima

(Director, National Film Archive of Japan)

Idrissa Ouédraogo

(Film Director)

Ishumael Zinyengere

(Audiovisual and Digital Archivist)

Iván Trujillo

(Former Director, Filmoteca UNAM: 1989-2008 / Former President, FIAF / Director, TV UNAM)

Jan-Christopher Horak

(Former Director, UCLA Film & Television Archive: 2007-2019)

Janice Allen

(Film Preservationist / John E. Allen Film Archive & Lab)

Jan Müller

(Former CEO, National Film & Sound Archive of Australia)

Jared Case

(Curator of Film Exhibitions, George Eastman Museum)

Javier Rellán

(Digital Lab, Filmoteca Española)

Jeffrey Stoiber

(Assistant Curator, The L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at George Eastman Museum)

John Polito

(Lead Sound Engineer and Founder, Audio Mechanics)

Jonas Mekas

(Filmmaker / Co-Founder, Anthology Film Archives)

Josef Lindner

(Preservation Officer, Academy Film Archive)

Juan Mariné

(Film Restorer / Cinematographer)

Julia Gouin

(L’Abominable, Artist-Run Film Lab, Paris)

Katie Trainor

(Film Collections Manager, MoMA)

Ken Loach

(Film Director)

Kevin Brownlow

(Film Historian)

Lars Gaustad

(Head of Moving Image Preservation, National Library of Norway)

Laurent Mannoni

(Scientific Director of Heritage, La Cinémathèque française)

Linda Tadic

(CEO and Founder, Digital Bedrock)

Lotte H. Eisner

(Film Archivist, Historian, Curator, Critic and Writer)

Lourdes Odriozola

(Head, Technical Inspection Department, Filmoteca Española)

Luciano Castillo

(Director, Cinemateca de Cuba)

Mariano Gómez Parrondo

(Research Department, Filmoteca Española)

Margaret Bodde

(Executive Director, The Film Foundation)

Mark Toscano

(Film Preservationist & Curator)

Martin Scorsese

(Film Director)

Maung Okkar

(Project Director, Save Myanmar Film)

Mercedes de la Fuente Torre

(Inaugural Director, Conservation and Restoration Center, Filmoteca Española)

Michael Pogorzelski

(Director, Academy Film Archive)

Mike Mashon

(Head, Moving Image Section, Library of Congress)

Nicolas Rey


Paolo Cherchi Usai

(Film Curator, Pordenone Silent Film Festival - Le Giornate del Cinema Muto / Curator-at-Large, George Eastman Museum / Curator Emeritus, National Film & Sound Archive of Australia)

Patricia Uceda

(Film Preservationist, Filmoteca Española)

Patricio Guzmán

(Film Director)

Patrick Loughney

(Packard Humanities Institute / Former Curator, George Eastman Museum / Former Chief, Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation)

Paula Félix-Didier

(Director, Buenos Aires Film Museum “Pablo Ducrós Hicken”)

Peter Bagrov

(Curator in Charge, Moving Image Department, George Eastman Museum)

Peter Becker

(President, Criterion Collection)

Rachel del Gaudio

(Library of Congress)

Ramón Rubio

(Head of Film Recovery, Filmoteca Española)

Ray Edmondson

(Audiovisual Archivist)

Ridley Scott

(Film Director)

Rick Prelinger

(Archivist and Professor, UC Santa Cruz)

Rob Hummel

(President, Group 47 / DOTS Archiving Initiative)

Sam Gustman

(Chief Technology Officer, USC Shoah Foundation, Visual History Archive)

Serge Bromberg

(Lobster Films, Paris)

Simon Fisher Turner


Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

(Filmmaker / Archivist / Founder Director, Film Heritage Foundation)

Steve Bloom

(Editor, Pixar Animation Studios)

Te-Ling Chen

(Deputy Director, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute)

Tessa Idlewine

(Film Preservationist, Academy Film Archive)

Tina Anckarman

(Film Archivist, National Library of Norway)

Todd Gustavson

(Curator, Technology Collection, George Eastman Museum)

Vittorio Storaro

(Author of Cinematography, AIC-ASC)

Wim Wenders

(Film Director)

A Spanish/Canadian co-production by El Grifilm Productions and Filmoption International

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